ENT Department

The department of ENT provides a broad spectrum of surgical as well as medical services for the disorders related to ear, nose, throat, head and neck.

The highly skilled team of ENT specialists we the latest equipment and technologies to perform Endoscopic skull base surgeries, Endoscopic nasal surgeries, microscopic ear surgeries and cochlear implants.

The doctors are highly efficient and also work in collaboration with other specialties like speech pathologist and audiologist to deal with various speech voice-related disorders and hearing-related problems.

Services offered:

Endoscopic Nose and Sinus surgery

Endoscopic ENDONASAL skull base surgery

Microscopic ear surgery

Throat, Head & Neck malignancies and surgery

Voice related disorders and surgery

ENT emergencies including Epistaxis (Bleading from Nose)

Foreign body in ENT emergencies

Trauma emergencies related to ENT

Hearing Aids

Speech therapy